Himachal Pradesh RTO Code List – Vehicle Registration Code

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Himachal Pradesh RTO Code List – Vehicle Registration Code

Himachal Pradesh Regional Transport Office Code List – HP RTO vehicle details

HP RTO Code: Regional transport office Himachal Pradesh, working in various places. Here, You can get the details of the HP RTO code, Address and contact details. Under the motor vehicles act 1988, Himachal Pradesh RTO was formed.

Himachal Pradesh RTO region belongs to these codes: HP-03, HP-06, HP-08, HP-09, HP-10, HP-11, HP-12, HP-13, HP-14, HP-15, HP-16, HP-16AA, HP-17, HP-18, HP-19, HP-19AA, HP-20, HP-21, HP-22, HP-23, HP-24, HP-25, HP-26, HP-27, HP-28, HP-29, HP-30, HP-31, HP-32, HP-33, HP-34, HP-35, HP-36, HP-37, HP-38, HP-39, HP-40, HP-41, HP-42, HP-43, HP-44, HP-45, HP-46, HP-47, HP-48, HP-49, HP-51, HP-53, HP-54, HP-55, HP-56, HP-57, HP-58, HP-62, HP-63, HP-64, HP-65, HP-66, HP-67, HP-68, HP-69, HP-71, HP-72, HP-73, HP-74, HP-76, HP-77, HP-78, HP-79, HP-80, HP-81, HP-82, HP-83, HP-84, HP-85, HP-86, HP-87, HP-88, HP-89, HP-90, HP-91, HP-92, HP-93, HP-94, HP-95, HP-96, HP-97,

Himachal Pradesh (HP) RTO Office Location and Code List

RTO StateHimachal Pradesh
Himachal Pradesh RTO CodeHP
No of RTO Offices87
Official Website
Timings10 AM – 5 PM
HolidayHP RTO Holiday List 2024

Here, listed Himachal Pradesh Regional Transport Office Location and Code numbers are given below.

RTO code of Himachal Pradesh State | HP rto starting number today

RTO CODE Location Pin code Details
HP-03 RTOShimla RTO Office 171001Check Now
HP-06 RTOR&LARampur RTO Office172001Check Now
HP-08 RTOR&LAChopal RTO Office171211Check Now
HP-09 RTOR&LATheog RTO Office171201Check Now
HP-10 RTOR&LARohru RTO Office171207Check Now
HP-11 RTOR&LAArki RTO Office173208Check Now
HP-12 RTOR&LANalagarh RTO Office174101Check Now
HP-13 RTOR&LAKandaghat RTO Office173215Check Now
HP-14 RTOR&LASolan RTO Office 173212Check Now
HP-15 RTOR&LA Parwanoo RTO Office173220Check Now
HP-16 RTOR&LARajgarh RTO Office173101Check Now
HP-16AA RTOR&LA Pachhad RTO Office172034Check Now
HP-17 RTOR&LAPaonta Sahib RTO Office173025Check Now
HP-18 RTOR&LANahan RTO Office173001Check Now
HP-19 RTOR&LAAmb RTO Office177203Check Now
HP-19AA RTOR&LA Gagret RTO Office177201Check Now
HP-20 RTOR&LAUna RTO Office174303Check Now
HP-21 RTOR&LABarsar RTO Office174305Check Now
HP-22 RTOR&LAHamirpur RTO Office177001Check Now
HP-23 RTOR&LA Ghumarwin RTO Office174021Check Now
HP-24 RTOR&LA Bilaspur RTO Office174001Check Now
HP-25 RTOR&LAKalpa RTO Office172108Check Now
HP-26 RTOR&LANichar RTO Office172103Check Now
HP-27 RTOR&LAPooh RTO Office172111Check Now
HP-28 RTOR&LASarkaghat RTO Office175024Check Now
HP-29 RTOR&LAJogindernagar RTO Office175015Check Now
HP-30 RTOR&LAKarsog RTO Office175011Check Now
HP-31 RTOR&LASundernagar RTO Office175019Check Now
HP-32 RTOR&LAGohar RTO Office175029Check Now
HP-33 RTOR&LAMandi Sadar RTO Office175001Check Now
HP-34 RTOR&LAKullu RTO Office175101Check Now
HP-35 RTOR&LAAnni RTO Office172026Check Now
HP-36 RTOR&LADehra RTO Office177101Check Now
HP-37 RTOR&LAPalampur RTO Office176061Check Now
HP-38 RTOR&LANurpur RTO Office176202Check Now
HP-39 RTOR&LADharamshala RTO Office176215Check Now
HP-40 RTOR&LAKangra RTO Office176001Check Now
HP-41 RTOR&LAKaza RTO Office172114Check Now
HP-42 RTOR&LAKeylong RTO Office175132Check Now
HP-43 RTOR&LAUdaipur RTO Office175142Check Now
HP-44 RTOR&LAChurah (Tissa) RTO Office176316Check Now
HP-45 RTOR&LAPangi RTO Office172107Check Now
HP-46 RTOR&LA Bharmaur RTO Office176315Check Now
HP-47 RTOR&LADalhousie RTO Office176304Check Now
HP-48 RTOR&LAChamba RTO Office176310Check Now
HP-49 RTOR&LABanjar RTO Office175123Check Now
HP-51 RTOR&LAShimla Rural RTO Office171001Check Now
HP-53 RTOR&LABaijnath RTO Office176125Check Now
HP-54 RTOR&LAJawali RTO Office176023Check Now
HP-55 RTOR&LANadaun RTO Office177033Check Now
HP-56 RTOR&LA Jaisinghpur RTO Office176095Check Now
HP-57 RTOR&LAChowari (Bhattiyat) RTO Office176302Check Now
HP-58 RTOR&LAManali RTO Office175131Check Now
HP-62 RTOSTA Shimla RTO Office-Check Now
HP-63 RTORTO Shimla RTO Office171004Check Now
HP-64 RTORTO Solan RTO Office173212Check Now
HP-65 RTO Mandi RTO Office175001Check Now
HP-66 RTORTO Kullu RTO Office175101Check Now
HP-67 RTOHamirpur RTO Office177001.Check Now
HP-68 RTO Kangra RTO Office176215Check Now
HP-69 RTO Bilaspur RTO Office174001Check Now
HP-71 RTOSirmaur RTO Office173001Check Now
HP-72 RTO Una RTO Office174303Check Now
HP-73 RTOChamba RTO Office176310Check Now
HP-74 RTOR&LABhoranj RTO Office176045Check Now
HP-76 RTOR&LAPadhar RTO Office176121Check Now
HP-77 RTOR&LADodra Kawar RTO Office171221Check Now
HP-78 RTOR&LA Bangana RTO Office174304Check Now
HP-79 RTOR&LA Sangrah RTO Office173023Check Now
HP-80 RTOR&LAHaroli RTO Office177220Check Now
HP-81 RTOR&LA Salooni RTO Office176320Check Now
HP-82 RTOR&LA Balh RTO Office175012Check Now
HP-83 RTOR&LAJawalaji RTO Office176031Check Now
HP-84 RTOR&LASujanpur RTO Office176110Check Now
HP-85 RTOR&LA Shillai RTO Office173027Check Now
HP-86 RTOR&LA Dharampur RTO Office175040Check Now
HP-87 RTOR&LA Thunag RTO Office175048Check Now
HP-88 RTOR&LA Fatehpur RTO Office176053Check Now
HP-89 RTOR&LA Jhandutta RTO Office174034Check Now
HP-90 RTOR&LA Shahpur RTO Office176206Check Now
HP-91 RTOR&LA Naina Devi Ji at Swarghat RTO Office174011Check Now
HP-92 RTORTO Rampur RTO Office172001Check Now
HP-93 RTORTO Nalagarh RTO Office174101Check Now
HP-94 RTOR&LA Nagrota Bagwan RTO Office176047Check Now
HP-95 RTOR&LA Kumarsain RTO Office171213Check Now
HP-96 RTOR&LADheera RTO Office176101Check Now
HP-97 RTOR&LA Indora RTO Office176401Check Now

Himachal Pradesh (HP) RTO Contact Details – Timings

You can contact the Himachal Pradesh RTO office by the above-given contact details and RTO office timings mentioned. The Himachal Pradesh RTO Office will function up to 10 AM – 5 PM

To Renew Registration Certificate in Himachal Pradesh

For the RC renewal process. It has to be applied before 60 days of its termination, along with;

  • Form 25
  • MV tax
  • Vehicle registration certificate
  • PUC certificate
  • Certificate of insurance of the vehicle

To Get Duplicate RC in Himachal Pradesh 

Vehicle owners can apply for the issuance of a duplicate copy of their vehicle’s registration certificate. proofs need to provide are;

  • A copy of the applicant’s PAN card
  • FIR copy
  • Certificate of insurance of the vehicle
  • Form 26
  • PUC certificate
  • Police Clearance Challan or PCC

To Change the Address in the Existing Registration Certificate in Himachal Pradesh

Proofs needed to submission at RTO, which include;

  • Certificate of insurance of the vehicle
  • Vehicle registration certificate
  • PUC certificate
  • A NOC to be obtained from the financier for loan-bought vehicles
  • Proof of address
  • Form 33
  • Proper tax paperwork

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