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Our website serves CSD Canteen product price details, RTO Code list, TN Police canteen Price list, etc. We will ultimately help many audiences to get valuable results from our site.

Hi, I AM Stereo Heart, a 22-year-old Freaking boy and Founder of this website, am a Professional blogger, Programmer, Data Analyst, SEO Specialist, etc.

I am the founder of the Infotechies apps and products. I am also a blogger, a digital marketer, an analyst, an SEO specialist, and a programmer (Data Analyst & Big data).

History of CSDNEARME

Well, we like to start a CSD canteen update blog in 2017 itself but due to some data-related issues and personal studies we postponed it for some years, now it’s the right time to be glad. Yes, in 2022 we launched successfully.

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