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TN RTO Code list – Contact Number, Address

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TN RTO Code list – Contact Number, Address

Tamil Nadu Regional Transport Office ( TN RTO) | TN RTO Registration Code List

Vehicles play a vital role in Human lives. It makes people reach their destination place at a specific time. There are different vehicles in India. Vehicles help different Industries with their own needs. Here, RTO takes huge responsibilities in Vehicle Industry and executes vehicle-related tasks in Vehicle Department.

TN RTO Full Form and Meaning

The full form of TNRTO is Tamil Nadu Regional Transport Office. Under the act of Motor vehicles Act (1988), the RTO is responsible for the registration of Vehicles and Checking other functions carried out properly under this act. The main motive of the motor vehicles Act is to provide road safety, relief from road accidents, and control pollution due by vehicles. Nowadays, the RTO office provides digitized cards all over the country. RTO office is located in every city in Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Nadu RTO Cities Wise Code List

Different Cities have different codes on the vehicle’s number plate from [ 01 to 99 ]. It helps to identify the specific vehicle. Below given a list to identify the specific city codes.

TN 01 to 99 which district

Tamil Nadu RTO Office Holidays

There are many holidays allotted based on Saturday, Sunday, and Other Government Holidays for TNRTO.

Functions of RTO In Tamil Nadu

Nowadays, Vehicle traffic is increasing in Tamil Nadu. The role of RTO is to control the traffic in the cities. Here’s the key roles performed by RTO are listed below:

  • Imposing the motor vehicle rules established by the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988
  • Registering new vehicles
  • Maintaining a database for all newly registered vehicles
  • Issuing licenses to vehicle owners/drivers
  • Collecting one-time road tax from new vehicle owners
  • Handling the permits issued to trucks, autos, taxis, etc.
  • Ensuring Road safety and Environmental concern
  • Inspecting Vehicles and issuing Certificates for fitness and pollution certificates for vehicles.

Registering a Vehicle at TNRTO

If you want to buy a new vehicle, it must be registered in the RTO database under the act Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. Nowadays, Vehicles can be registered with dealers and You can also do this by visiting the RTO Office directly. the needed documents must be submitted while registering a new car or bike.

  • Form 20 application form for the registration of a vehicle
  • Passport size photographs – at least 3 numbers
  • Form 21 (sales certificate) issued by the vehicle dealer
  • Identity proof – PAN, Voter ID, Aadhar, Passport, Driving License, etc.
  • Proof of residence – Aadhar, family card (ration card), rental agreement, account statement from a nationalized bank, utility bill, voter ID, etc.
  • Form 34 with details of loan hypothecation (if necessary)
  • Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate
  • Insurance certificate obtained from the dealer
  • Original sales invoice issued
  • Temporary registration number
  • Sales tax clearance certificate (if the vehicle is bought in one state and registered in another)
  • No objection certificate from RTO (if the vehicle is bought in one state and registered in another).
Mostly, the Vehicle registration process is handled by the vehicle dealer. Below we can see how the vehicle registration process is done at TNRTO.
  • Step 1 – Fill out the registration form and submit it to the Regional Transport Office.
  • Step 2 – Submit the necessary documents ( form 20, vehicle’s sales certificate, invoice, insurance policy for the vehicle, applicant’s photos, and identity proof).
  • Step 3 – An inspecting officer will evaluate your form and the necessary documents. Once approved, you will receive a vehicle registration number and a receipt. 
  • Step 4 – Get the registration mark on the vehicle’s number plate in thirty days and seek approval from the registration authority.

TNRTO Fees while registering a vehicle

  • Registration fee: [200]
  • Road tax: Light Motor Vehicles [1500] , Other Motor Vehicles [2000]
  • Hypothecation charges: [ – ]

TNRTO Online and offline Process

The following activities can be done online:

  • Applying for a new driving license
  • Scheduling an appointment for visiting the RTO
  • Renewing the driving license
  • Downloading a copy of your existing driving license

Below the given activities, you have to visit the nearest TNRTO:

  • Registering a new vehicle
  • Writing a test for a learner’s license
  • Taking a test for getting a new driving license
  • Settling disputes following accidents
  • the officer will verify all the documents and issue the certificate for the transfer of ownership.

AS-29 Which District? | Which district is AS-29?

AS-29 belongs to Majuli

AS-29 RTO Faq Questions

AS-29 belongs to Majuli RTO.
AS-29 is Majuli RTO – RTO Majuli, District Majuli, Assam - 785110.
RTO Majuli, District Majuli, Assam - 785110.
The AS-29 RTO Office will function between 9 am to 5 pm.
AS-29 belongs to Majuli.


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