Punjab RTO Code List – Vehicle Registration Code

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Punjab RTO Code List – Vehicle Registration Code

Punjab Regional Transport Office Code List – PB RTO vehicle details

PB RTO Code: Regional transport office Punjab, working in various places. Here, You can get the details of the PB RTO code, Address and contact details. Under the motor vehicles act 1988, Punjab RTO was formed.

Punjab RTO region belongs to these codes: PB-01, PB-02, PB-03, PB-04, PB-05, PB-06, PB-07, PB-08, PB-09, PB-10, PB-11, PB-12, PB-13, PB-14, PB-15, PB-16, PB-17, PB-18, PB-19, PB-20, PB-21, PB-22, PB-23, PB-24, PB-25, PB-26, PB-27, PB-28, PB-29, PB-30, PB-31, PB-32, PB-33, PB-34, PB-35, PB-36, PB-37, PB-38, PB-39, PB-40, PB-41, PB-42, PB-43, PB-44, PB-45, PB-46, PB-47, PB-48, PB-49, PB-50, PB-51, PB-52, PB-53, PB-54, PB-55, PB-56, PB-57, PB-58, PB-59, PB-60, PB-61, PB-62, PB-63, PB-64, PB-65, PB-66, PB-67, PB-68, PB-69, PB-70, PB-71, PB-72, PB-73, PB-74, PB-75, PB-76, PB-77, PB-78, PB-79, PB-80, PB-81, PB-82, PB-83, PB-84, PB-85, PB-86, PB-87, PB-88, PB-89, PB-90, PB-91, PB-99,

Punjab (PB) RTO Office Location and Code List

RTO StatePunjab
Punjab RTO CodePB
No of RTO Offices92
Official Website
Timings10:00 AM to 05:30 PM
HolidayPB RTO Holiday List 2024

Here, listed Punjab Regional Transport Office Location and Code numbers are given below.

RTO code of Punjab State | PB rto starting number today

RTO CODE Location Pin code Details
PB-01 RTOChandigarh RTO Office-Check Now
PB-02 RTOAmritsar RTO Office143001Check Now
PB-03 RTOBathinda RTO Office151001Check Now
PB-04 RTOFaridkot RTO Office151203Check Now
PB-05 RTOFerozepur RTO Office152002Check Now
PB-06 RTOGurdaspur RTO Office143521Check Now
PB-07 RTOHoshiarpur RTO Office146001Check Now
PB-08 RTOJalandhar RTO Office2224278Check Now
PB-09 RTOKapurthala RTO Office144601Check Now
PB-10 RTOLudhiana RTO Office141001Check Now
PB-11 RTOPatiala RTO Office147001Check Now
PB-12 RTORopar RTO Office140001Check Now
PB-13 RTOSangrur RTO Office148001Check Now
PB-14 RTOAjnala RTO Office143102Check Now
PB-15 RTOAbohar RTO Office152116Check Now
PB-16 RTOAnandpur RTO Office140118Check Now
PB-17 RTOBaba Bakala RTO Office143202Check Now
PB-18 RTOBatala RTO Office143505Check Now
PB-19 RTOBarnala RTO Office148101Check Now
PB-20 RTOBalachaur RTO Office 144521Check Now
PB-21 RTODasuya RTO Office144205Check Now
PB-22 RTOFazilka RTO Office152123Check Now
PB-23 RTOFatehgarh RTO Office140406Check Now
PB-24 RTOGarhshankar RTO Office144527Check Now
PB-25 RTOJagraon RTO Office142026Check Now
PB-26 RTOKhanna RTO Office141401Check Now
PB-27 RTOKharar RTO Office140301Check Now
PB-28 RTOMalerkotla RTO Office148023Check Now
PB-29 RTOMoga RTO Office142001Check Now
PB-30 RTOMuktsar RTO Office152026Check Now
PB-31 RTOMansa RTO Office151505Check Now
PB-32 RTONawanshahr RTO Office144514Check Now
PB-33 RTONakodar RTO Office-Check Now
PB-34 RTONabha RTO Office-Check Now
PB-35 RTOPathankot RTO Office145001Check Now
PB-36 RTOPhagwara RTO Office144401Check Now
PB-37 RTOPhillaur RTO Office144410Check Now
PB-38 RTOPatti RTO Office143416Check Now
PB-39 RTORajpura RTO Office140401Check Now
PB-40 RTORampura RTO Office151103Check Now
PB-41 RTOSultanpur Lodhi RTO Office144626Check Now
PB-42 RTOSamana RTO Office147101Check Now
PB-43 RTOSamrala RTO Office141114Check Now
PB-44 RTOSunam RTO Office148028Check Now
PB-45 RTOTalwandi RTO Office 151302Check Now
PB-46 RTOTarn Taran RTO Office143401Check Now
PB-47 RTOZira RTO Office142047Check Now
PB-48 RTOAmloh RTO Office147203Check Now
PB-49 RTOKhamano RTO Office141127Check Now
PB-50 RTOBudhlada RTO Office151502Check Now
PB-51 RTOSardulgarh RTO Office151507Check Now
PB-52 RTOBassi Pathana RTO Office140412Check Now
PB-53 RTOMalout RTO Office152107Check Now
PB-54 RTOMukerian RTO Office144211Check Now
PB-55 RTOPayal RTO Office141416Check Now
PB-56 RTORaikot RTO Office141109Check Now
PB-57 RTOBholath RTO Office144622Check Now
PB-58 RTODera Baba Nanak RTO Office143604Check Now
PB-59 RTODhuri RTO Office148024Check Now
PB-60 RTOGidderbaha RTO Office152101Check Now
PB-61 RTOJalalabad RTO Office152024Check Now
PB-62 RTOJaitu RTO Office151202Check Now
PB-63 RTOKhadur Sahib RTO Office143117Check Now
PB-64 RTOMoonak RTO Office148033Check Now
PB-65 RTOMohali RTO Office160055Check Now
PB-66 RTONihal Singh Wala RTO Office142055Check Now
PB-67 RTOShahkot RTO Office-Check Now
PB-68 RTODhar Kalan RTO Office145021Check Now
PB-69 RTOBagha Purana RTO Office142038Check Now
PB-70 RTODera Bassi RTO Office 140507Check Now
PB-71 RTOChamkaur RTO Office140112Check Now
PB-72 RTOPatran RTO Office-Check Now
PB-73 RTOTapa RTO Office148108Check Now
PB-74 RTONangal RTO Office140126Check Now
PB-75 RTOLehragaga RTO Office148031Check Now
PB-76 RTODharamkot RTO Office142042Check Now
PB-77 RTOGuruharsahai RTO Office152022Check Now
PB-78 RTOBanga RTO Office144505Check Now
PB-79 RTOKot Kapura RTO Office151204Check Now
PB-80 RTOMaur Mandi RTO Office151509Check Now
PB-81 RTOMajitha RTO Office143601Check Now
PB-82 RTOAhmedgarh RTO Office148021Check Now
PB-83 RTODudhan Sadhan RTO Office147111Check Now
PB-84 RTOBhawanigarh RTO Office148026Check Now
PB-85 RTOKalanaur RTO Office143512Check Now
PB-86 RTODirba RTO Office148035Check Now
PB-87 RTOMorinda RTO Office140101Check Now
PB-88 RTOBhikhiwind RTO Office 143303Check Now
PB-89 RTOAmritsar 2 RTO Office 143001Check Now
PB-90 RTOJalandhar 11 RTO Office144005Check Now
PB-91 RTOLudhiana East RTO Office141001Check Now
PB-99 RTODinanagar RTO Office 143531Check Now

Punjab (PB) RTO Contact Details – Timings

You can contact the Punjab RTO office by the above-given contact details and RTO office timings mentioned. The Punjab RTO Office will function up to 10:00 AM to 05:30 PM

To Renew Registration Certificate in Punjab

For the RC renewal process. It has to be applied before 60 days of its termination, along with;

  • Form 25
  • MV tax
  • Vehicle registration certificate
  • PUC certificate
  • Certificate of insurance of the vehicle

To Get Duplicate RC in Punjab 

Vehicle owners can apply for the issuance of a duplicate copy of their vehicle’s registration certificate. proofs need to provide are;

  • A copy of the applicant’s PAN card
  • FIR copy
  • Certificate of insurance of the vehicle
  • Form 26
  • PUC certificate
  • Police Clearance Challan or PCC

To Change the Address in the Existing Registration Certificate in Punjab

Proofs needed to submission at RTO, which include;

  • Certificate of insurance of the vehicle
  • Vehicle registration certificate
  • PUC certificate
  • A NOC to be obtained from the financier for loan-bought vehicles
  • Proof of address
  • Form 33
  • Proper tax paperwork

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