Haryana RTO Code List – Vehicle Registration Code

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Haryana RTO Code List – Vehicle Registration Code

Haryana Regional Transport Office Code List – HR RTO vehicle details

HR RTO Code: Regional transport office Haryana, working in various places. Here, You can get the details of the HR RTO code, Address and contact details. Under the motor vehicles act 1988, Haryana RTO was formed.

Haryana RTO region belongs to these codes: HR-01, HR-02, HR-03, HR-04, HR-05, HR-06, HR-07, HR-08, HR-09, HR-10, HR-11, HR-12, HR-13, HR-14, HR-15, HR-16, HR-17, HR-18, HR-19, HR-20, HR-21, HR-22 , HR-23, HR-24, HR-25, HR-26, HR-27, HR-28, HR-29, HR-30, HR-31, HR-32, HR-33, HR-34, HR-35, HR-36, HR-37, HR-38, HR-39, HR-40, HR-41, HR-42, HR-43, HR-44, HR-45, HR-46, HR-47, HR-48, HR-49, HR-50, HR-51, HR-52, HR-54, HR-55, HR-56, HR-57, HR-58, HR-59, HR-60, HR-61, HR-62, HR-63, HR-64, HR-65, HR-66, HR-67, HR-68, HR-69, HR-71, HR-72, HR-73, HR-74, HR-75, HR-76, HR-77, HR-78, HR-79, HR-80, HR-81, HR-82, HR-83,

Haryana (HR) RTO Office Location and Code List

RTO StateHaryana
Haryana RTO CodeHR
No of RTO Offices81
Official Website
Timings10 AM – 5 PM
HolidayHR RTO Holiday List 2024

Here, listed Haryana Regional Transport Office Location and Code numbers are given below.

RTO code of Haryana State | HR rto starting number today

RTO CODE Location Pin code Details
HR-01 RTOAmbala RTO Office 133001Check Now
HR-02 RTOJagadhri RTO Office135003Check Now
HR-03 RTOPanchkula RTO Office134112Check Now
HR-04 RTONaraingarh RTO Office134203Check Now
HR-05 RTOKarnal RTO Office785614Check Now
HR-06 RTOPanipat RTO Office 132103Check Now
HR-07 RTOThanesar RTO Office136118Check Now
HR-08 RTOKaithal RTO Office781370Check Now
HR-09 RTOGuhla RTO Office136034Check Now
HR-10 RTOSonipat RTO Office131001.Check Now
HR-11 RTOGohana RTO Office131301Check Now
HR-12 RTORohtak RTO Office124001Check Now
HR-13 RTOBahadurgarh RTO Office124507Check Now
HR-14 RTOJhajjar RTO Office 124507Check Now
HR-15 RTOMeham RTO Office124112Check Now
HR-16 RTOBhiwani RTO Office127021Check Now
HR-17 RTOSiwani RTO Office127306Check Now
HR-18 RTOLoharu RTO Office127201Check Now
HR-19 RTOCharkhi Dadri RTO Office 127306.Check Now
HR-20 RTOHisar RTO Office233304Check Now
HR-21 RTOHansi RTO Office505326Check Now
HR-22 RTOFatehabad RTO Office201001Check Now
HR-23 RTOTohana RTO Office125120Check Now
HR-24 RTOSirsa RTO Office125055Check Now
HR-25 RTODabwali RTO Office125104Check Now
HR-26 RTOGurugram RTO Office120001Check Now
HR-27 RTONuh RTO Office122107Check Now
HR-28 RTOZirkha RTO Office122104Check Now
HR-29 RTOBallabgarh RTO Office121004Check Now
HR-30 RTOPalwal RTO Office121105Check Now
HR-31 RTOJind RTO Office530031Check Now
HR-32 RTONarwana RTO Office126102Check Now
HR-33 RTOSafidon RTO Office126112Check Now
HR-34 RTO Mahendragarh RTO Office123029Check Now
HR-35 RTONarnaul RTO Office123001Check Now
HR-36 RTORewari RTO Office123401Check Now
HR-37 RTORTA Ambala RTO Office133001Check Now
HR-38 RTOFaridabad RTO Office121007Check Now
HR-39 RTOHisar RTO Office 233304Check Now
HR-40 RTOAssandh RTO Office132039Check Now
HR-41 RTOPehowa RTO Office136128Check Now
HR-42 RTOGanaur RTO Office131101Check Now
HR-43 RTOKosli RTO Office123302Check Now
HR-44 RTOEllenabad RTO Office125102Check Now
HR-45 RTOKarnal RTO Office132001Check Now
HR-46 RTORohtak RTO Office124001Check Now
HR-47 RTORewari RTO Office123401.Check Now
HR-48 RTOTosham RTO Office127040Check Now
HR-49 RTOKalka RTO Office133302Check Now
HR-50 RTOHodal RTO Office121106Check Now
HR-51 RTOFaridabad RTO Office121007Check Now
HR-52 RTOHathin RTO Office121102Check Now
HR-54 RTOBarara RTO Office133201Check Now
HR-55 RTOGurgaon RTO Office122008Check Now
HR-56 RTOJind RTO Office530031Check Now
HR-57 RTOSirsa RTO Office125055Check Now
HR-58 RTOYamunanagar RTO Office135003Check Now
HR-59 RTORatia RTO Office203205Check Now
HR-60 RTOSamalkha RTO Office132101Check Now
HR-61 RTOBhiwani RTO Office127021Check Now
HR-62 RTOFatehabad RTO Office201001Check Now
HR-63 RTOJhajjar RTO Office124507Check Now
HR-64 RTOKaithal RTO Office136027Check Now
HR-65 RTOKurukshetra RTO Office136030Check Now
HR-66 RTOMahendragarh RTO Office 123001Check Now
HR-67 RTOPanipat RTO Office132103Check Now
HR-68 RTOPanchkula RTO Office134112Check Now
HR-69 RTORTA Sonipat RTO Office 131001Check Now
HR-71 RTOBilaspur RTO Office495001Check Now
HR-72 RTOGurgaon RTO Office122003Check Now
HR-73 RTOPalwal RTO Office 121102Check Now
HR-74 RTOMewat RTO Office 122107Check Now
HR-75 RTOIndiri RTO Office442001Check Now
HR-76 RTOPataudi RTO Office122001Check Now
HR-77 RTOBeri RTO Office201009Check Now
HR-78 RTOShahabad RTO Office136135 Check Now
HR-79 RTOKharkhoda RTO Office131402Check Now
HR-80 RTOBarwala RTO Office125121Check Now
HR-81 RTOBawal RTO Office 123501Check Now
HR-82 RTOKanina RTO Office123027Check Now
HR-83 RTOKalayat RTO Office136117Check Now

Haryana (HR) RTO Contact Details – Timings

You can contact the Haryana RTO office by the above-given contact details and RTO office timings mentioned. The Haryana RTO Office will function up to 10 AM – 5 PM

To Renew Registration Certificate in Haryana

For the RC renewal process. It has to be applied before 60 days of its termination, along with;

  • Form 25
  • MV tax
  • Vehicle registration certificate
  • PUC certificate
  • Certificate of insurance of the vehicle

To Get Duplicate RC in Haryana 

Vehicle owners can apply for the issuance of a duplicate copy of their vehicle’s registration certificate. proofs need to provide are;

  • A copy of the applicant’s PAN card
  • FIR copy
  • Certificate of insurance of the vehicle
  • Form 26
  • PUC certificate
  • Police Clearance Challan or PCC

To Change the Address in the Existing Registration Certificate in Haryana

Proofs needed to submission at RTO, which include;

  • Certificate of insurance of the vehicle
  • Vehicle registration certificate
  • PUC certificate
  • A NOC to be obtained from the financier for loan-bought vehicles
  • Proof of address
  • Form 33
  • Proper tax paperwork

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