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7th Pay Commission | Basic Salary Calculator India

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India is home to numerous cities, towns, and villages that house central government offices. Even in the most remote regions, the Indian government runs a post office.

Depending on where they work, people receive different pay packages. There won’t be a standard compensation package for workers in urban or rural areas. In order to generate pay packages based on city classifications, we have developed a straightforward web tool that is free to use.

The current Rate | DA Rate is 38%

  • DA 38% from 1.7.2022 (34% + 4% = 38%)
  • DA 34% from 1.1.2022 (31% + 3% = 34%)
  • DA 31% from 1.7.2021 (17% + 11% + 3% = 31%)

Due to the Dearness Allowance (DA) increase, the House Rent Allowance (HRA) will also be adjusted in accordance with the 7th Pay Commission’s recommendations.

Tool NameOnline Salary Calculator
BeneficiariesCentral Government Employees
Published on2.7.2021
Updated on30.10.2022
Input DetailsPay Matrix Level and Basic Salary
Output DetailsGross Salary with the classification of all cities
Tool FeatureSalary calculation on the basis of office location

Latest 7th CPC | Salary Calculator Tool

This tool allows a Central Government employee to view their total compensation based on their base pay and benefits.

Transport Allowance from July 2022 | Updated

Transportation Allowance is being paid as legally due to all Central Government employees, including those working for the railroads. According to the 7th Pay Commission’s chart recommendation, the Transport Allowance is given. If the Dearness Allowance is 38 percent, then the entitled Transport Allowance is increased by 38 percent. The Transport Allowance will rise in tandem with any DA increases.

The formula for calculating the Transport Allowance is, Transport Allowance = Transport Allowance + (Transport Allowance x Current DA percentage)/100.

TA = TA + (TA x Current DA percentage)/100

To calculate gross salary in the 7th pay commission

It is extremely easy. To begin, choose your base wage and pay matrix level in the calculator before clicking the submit button. In accordance with the designated cities, the tool will display four different sorts of pay packages.

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