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Government Salary Calculator | Pay Scale Calculator

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Salary for all Grade of Posts (Pay Level 1 to 18)

The gross and take-home pay for Central Government grades and positions is something that young job hopefuls are curious about. The pay band and grade pay structure in the 6th Pay Commission determines the remuneration package for CG personnel. This calculator assists in determining the salary and allowances payable for the first month of services provided by the Central Government.

The salary calculation has modified as of 1.1.2016 in accordance with the 7th Pay Commission’s recommendations. Here, we’re going to show you how to use a straightforward online calculator to determine the first month’s gross pay for a worker deployed anywhere in India.


To calculate the hand salary of CG employees

Depending on their position and grade, CG employees are eligible for a variety of benefits. A government employee is essentially given basic pay, dearness allowance, housing allowance, and travel allowance. NPS and CGEGIS were the sole performers in the sector of deductions at first. For the pay levels 6 and 10, for instance, the net and gross payment of an individual wage are provided.

To Calculate Basic Salary in India

Basic pay, often known as a basic salary, is a fixed sum that is predetermined based on the position or grade. The starting point for an employee’s wage structure is their basic salary. The base salary factor will also be used to compute all additional allowances and raises.

Two Types of Transport Allowance Calculation

7th Pay Transport Allowance (TA) Rates
Pay Level (Grade Pay)Higher TPTA Cities*Other Places**
Level 9 and Above (GP 5400 PB-2 and Above)Rs. 7200 + DARs. 3600 + DA
Level 3 to Level 8 (GP 2000 to GP 4800)Rs. 3600 + DARs. 1800 + DA
Level 1 and Level 2(GP 1800 and GP 1900)Rs. 1350 + DARs. 900 + DA

Three Types of House Rent Allowance (HRA) Calculation

7th Pay House Rent Allowance (HRA) Rates
City ClassificationHRA Rates
‘X’ Cities27% of Basic Pay
‘Y’ Cities18% of Basic Pay
‘Z’ Cities9% of Basic Pay

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