International Holiday Calendar 2023

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International Holiday Calendar 2023

International Day calendar List 2023 | International Holiday List 2023

People around the world observe holidays and festivals in a variety of ways. It varies amongst nations, states, and faiths. The goal of the holidays is for people to enjoy themselves at a specific time. International Days have been around since before the United Nations was founded, but the UN has embraced them as a potent advocacy tool.

Some of these days may be recognized as public holidays in some nations, while others are remembered by honoring the person or occasion that made them. The only legal holiday observed worldwide is Sunday. If you’re looking for an International Holiday, a list of holidays for 2023 is provided below.

List of International Holidays 2023

The majority of these holidays are observed annually with various themes that are current. The annual theme seeks to raise awareness of a distinctive facet of the subject.

DateDay Event Day Name
04 JanuaryWednesdayWorld Braille Day
13 SeptemberWednesdayInternational Programmers day
15 JanuarySundayWorld Religion day
30 JanuaryMondayInternational Customs Day/ World Leprosy Day
2 FebruaryThursdayWorld Wetlands Day
11 FebruarySaturdayWorld Day of the Sick
20 FebruaryMondayWorld Day of Social Justice
03 MarchFridayWorld Wildlife day
08 MarchWednesdayInternational Women’s Day
09 MarchThursdayWorld Kidney Day
20 MarchMondayInternational Day of Happiness
25 MarchSaturdayEarth hour
01 AprilSaturdayApril Fool’s Day
18 AprilTuesdayInternational day of Monument and Sites
03 MayWednesdayWorld Press Freedom Day
08 MayMondayWorld Ovarian Cancer Day
12 MayFridayInternational Nurses Day
20 MaySaturdayAuto Inflammatory Arthritis day
25 MayThursdayAfrican Liberation Day
21 JuneWednesdayInternational Yoga day
30 JulySundayInternational Day of Friendship
12 AugustSaturdayInternational Youth’s Day
19 AugustSaturdayWorld Humanitarian Day
29 AugustTuesdayInternational Day against Nuclear Tests
31 AugustThursdayInternational Overdose Awareness Day
04 SeptemberMondayWorld Sexual Day
05 SeptemberTuesdayInternational day of charity
08 SeptemberFridayInternational Literacy Day
10 SeptemberSundayWorld Suicide Prevention day 
13 SeptemberWednesdayInternational Programmers Day 
15 SeptemberFridayInternational Day of Democracy
21 SeptemberThursdayInternational Day of Peace
23 SeptemberSaturdayInternational Celebrate Bisexual day
28 SeptemberThursdayWorld Maritime Day
27 SeptemberWednesdayWorld Tourism Day
29 SeptemberFridayWorld Heart Day
01 OctoberSundayWorld Vegetarian Day
02 OctoberMondayInternational Day of Non-Violence
05th OctoberThursdayWorld Teacher’s Day
06 OctoberFridayWorld Cerebral Palsy day
12 OctoberThursdayWorld Sight Day
09 OctoberMondayWorld Post Day
11 OctoberWednesdayInternational Day of Girl Child
16 OctoberMondayWorld Food Day
24 OctoberTuesdayUnited Nations Day
29 OctoberSundayWorld Stroke Day
01 NovemberWednesdayWorld Vegan Day
12 NovemberSundayWorld Pneumonia Day
14 NovemberTuesdayWorld Diabetes Day
16 NovemberThursdayInternational Day of Tolerance
17 NovemberFridayWorld Prematurity Day
19 NovemberSundayInternational Men’s Day
20 NovemberMondayUniversal Children’s Day
01 DecemberFridayWorld AIDS Day
07 DecemberThursdayInternational Civil Aviation Day
09 DecemberSaturdayInternational Anti-corruption day
10 DecemberSundayHuman Rights Day
20 DecemberWednesdayInternational Human Solidarity Day


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