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Telangana Government Public Holiday List 2024

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The State Government of Telangana Public and Optional Holiday List 2024

Festivities and holidays are unique times to spend with our loved ones. It was a special time to enjoy the event to the fullest. The holidays are meant to be a time of release from pressure, stress, and work. The only legal holidays observed throughout our nation are Sundays.

In 2014, the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act (2014) gave rise to the Telangana State Government. The Telangana governor served as its head. Every Saturday and Sunday, the Telangana government firmly announced holidays for all of its offices. In accordance with The Negotiable Instruments Act, it also established Optional Holidays and Public Holidays.

Telangana Government General Public Holiday List 2024

check here Telangana Government General Public Holiday List 2024

Telangana Public Holidays (General Holidays) List 2024 [Predicted]

No.Occasion / Festival2024 Holidays Date & Day
1.New Year Day01-01-2024 Mon
2.Bhogi14-01-2024 Sun
3.Sankranti / Pongal15-01-2024 Mon
4.Republic Day26-01-2024 Fri
5.Maha Shivratri08-03-2024 Fri
6.Holi25-03-2024 Mon
7.Good Friday29-03-2024 Fri
8.Babu Jagjivan Ram Jayanti05-04-2024 Fri
9.Ugadi09-04-2024 Tue
10.Sri Rama Navami17-04-2024 Wed
11.Dr Ambedkar Jayanti14-04-2024 Sun
12.Ramazan / Idu’l Fitr10-04-2024 Wed
13.Following Day of Ramzan11-04-2024 Thu
14.Bakrid / Eid Al Adha17-06-2024 Mon
15.Muharram17-07-2024 Wed
16.Independence Day15-08-2024 Thu 
18.Shahadat Imam Hussain (R.A)
10th Moharam
19.Krishna Janmashtami26-08-2024 Mon
20.Vinayaka Chavithi07-09-2024 Sat
21.Eid Miladun Nabi (Birthday of
Prophet Mohammad)
16-09-2024 Mon
22.Mahatma Gandhi Jayanthi02-10-2024 Wed
23.Bathukamma Starting Day
24.Vijayadashami12-10-2024 Sat
25.Following Day of Vijaya Dasami13-10-2024 Sun
26.Diwali (Deepavali)31-10-2024 Thu
27.Kartika Purnima/ Guru Nanak’s Birthday15-11-2024 Fri
28.Christmas Day25-12-2024 Wed
29.Boxing Day26-12-2024 Thu

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