TN Govt Bus code, STU Depot, and Terminus details

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TN Govt Bus code, STU Depot, and Terminus details

In this article you can find the SETC and TNSTC Bus Operational Area and Operational Code in Tamilnadu State, Please check the Operational Code and Operational Department name in the below list.

State Transport Undertakings

  1. Metropolitan Transport Corporation Limited
  2. State Express Transport Corporation Limited
  3. Tamilnadu State Transport Corporation(Villupuram) Limited
  4. Tamilnadu State Transport Corporation(Kumbakonam) Limited
  5. Tamilnadu State Transport Corporation(Salem) Limited
  6. Tamilnadu State Transport Corporation(Coimbatore) Limited
  7. Tamilnadu State Transport Corporation(Madurai) Limited
  8. Tamilnadu State Transport Corporation(Tirunelveli) Limited

Some Operational Department will provide a service to intercity and outer city facilities for example Chennai (CMBT) to Bangalore (Majestic)

List of Tamilnadu State Transport Undertakings Code list 2023

  • MTC – Metropolitan Transport Corporation Ltd
  • SETC – State Express Transport Corporation Ltd
  • VPM – Tamilnadu State Transport Corporation Villupuram Ltd
  • KUM – Tamilnadu State Transport Corporation Kumbakonam Ltd
  • SLM – Tamilnadu State Transport Corporation Salem Ltd
  • CBE – Tamilnadu State Transport Corporation Coimbatore Ltd
  • MDU – Tamilnadu State Transport Corporation Madurai Ltd
  • TNV – Tamilnadu State Transport Corporation Tirunelveli Ltd

In the above details, you can easily find the TN Government Bus code and Terminus code and location, for example, MTC refers to metropolitan transport corporation ltd, which means it will have services in the Metropolitan area and VPM refers to Villupuram which also means the VPM bus code will have services from Villupuram

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To improve management, Tn Govt has separated some divisions in Tamil Nadu states to run bus services from one district to another district, but the division will go to the major terminus.

If you saw any 3-digit code in front of any bus, just search the code on the internet and you will find the bus depot information.

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Tamilnadu Govt Bus timings finder

Hey, we have a special way to find all bus timings in one place, Here is it,, Tamilnadu Government has launched arasu bus website helps passengers to find the bus details and more data.

Using the above link, you can able to find the bus departing time and arrival timings and upcoming scheduled bus timings, etc.

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