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MACP Pay Fixation Calculator | 7th CPC Commission

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The former ACP Scheme has been replaced with the MACP Scheme for Central Civilian Government Employees. Three financial advancements are permitted under the MACP Scheme after 10, 20, and 30 years of continuous service, measured from the direct entry grade.

Two annual increment dates are in effect as a result of the 7th Pay Commission’s suggestion. For a bigger benefit, it is necessary to use the Pay Fixation Option. Pay fixation benefits may be calculated in either of two ways: on the date of the following increase or on the date of the promotion.

You may see both the Pay on Promotion and the Next Increment Date using the Pay fixation Calculator on Promotion as per the 7th CPC provided below.

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MACP Scheme in 7th Pay Commission

MACP grant in its own hierarchy was proposed by the 7th Pay Commission as a significant correction to the program. The 5th CPC highly recommends the Assured Career Progression Scheme (ACP Scheme) as a fantastic promotional program for Central Government employees. And the 6th CPC slightly improved the original scheme, renaming it the Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme (MACP).

Pay fixation on MACP

When a MACP is granted, the pay fixation technique will always remain the same, but how it is applied will vary slightly depending on when the MACP was granted. This is mostly due to the government’s decision to implement the 7th Pay Commission, which calls for two dates for annual increments, based on the date of hire, the date of promotion, or the MACP, to be on January 1 and July 1.

Example of MACP pay fixation:

  • The date of Promotion and the Date of Increment are two distinct dates. You have a choice between two options in this situation. You have the choice to fix your salary on either the next increment date or the promotion date. You can choose the more advantageous option based on the two findings from this calculator for pay fixation on promotion.
  • The dates of the promotion and the increase are the same. There is only one remaining choice for pay fixation in this scenario. This option for pay fixation is true even though your date of promotion also happens to be the date of the next increment. Accordingly, the Pay fixation computation is made.

Additionally, it has been decided to give employees who have received regular promotions or financial upgrades on or after January 1, 2016, and who wish to exercise or re-exercise their options for pay fixation under FR22(1)(a)(1), the chance to do so. Within one month of the date this O.M. is issued, such an option must be exercised.

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