Chennai Metro Rail Map and Route

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CMRL Metro train route 2023

The Chennai Metro Rail Limited (CMRL) is a modern and efficient urban transportation system serving the city of Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. CMRL is a vital part of the city’s public transportation network and plays a significant role in easing traffic congestion, reducing pollution, and improving the overall quality of life for Chennai’s residents and visitors.

History and Inception:

The idea for a metro system in Chennai was conceived to address the growing transportation needs of the city’s burgeoning population. CMRL was established in 2007 as a joint venture between the Government of India and the Government of Tamil Nadu. Construction of the metro system began shortly thereafter, and the first line, known as the Blue Line, was inaugurated in June 2015. Since then, CMRL has expanded its network, adding additional lines and stations to better serve the city’s residents.


The Chennai Metro system is known for its modern and state-of-the-art infrastructure. It includes elevated and underground sections, making it well-suited to navigate the densely populated areas of the city. The metro stations are designed with passenger comfort and accessibility in mind, featuring amenities such as escalators, elevators, air conditioning, and digital information displays.

Chennai metro route station list

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Sr no.Station NameLineOpened
1AG – DMSஏ.ஜி. – டி.எம்.எஸ். Blue Line 25 May 2018
2Anna Nagar Eastஅண்ணா நகர் கிழக்கு Green Line 14 May 2017
3Anna Nagar Towerஅண்ணா நகர் கோபுரம் Green Line 14 May 2017
4Arignar Anna Alandur*அறிஞர் அண்ணா ஆலந்தூர் Blue Line
Green Line
21 September 2016
29 June 2015
5Arumbakkamஅரும்பாக்கம் Green Line 29 June 2015
6Ashok Nagarஅசோக் நகர் Green Line 29 June 2015
7Chennai International Airport*சென்னை பன்னாட்டு விமான நிலையம் Blue Line 21 September 2016
8Egmore*#எழும்பூர் Green Line 25 May 2018
9Ekkattuthangalஈக்காட்டுத்தாங்கல் Green Line 29 June 2015
10Government Estateஅரசினர் தோட்டம் Blue Line 10 February 2019
11Guindy†*கிண்டி Blue Line 21 September 2016
12High Courtஉயர் நீதிமன்றம் Blue Line 10 February 2019
13Kaladipetகாலடிபேட்டை Blue Line 14 February 2021
14Kilpaukகீழ்ப்பாக்கம் Green Line 14 May 2017
15Koyambeduகோயம்பேடு Green Line 29 June 2015
16LICஎல். ஐ. சி. Blue Line 10 February 2019
17Little Mountசின்னமலை Blue Line 21 September 2016
18Mannadiமண்ணடி Blue Line 10 February 2019
19Meenambakkamமீனம்பாக்கம் Blue Line 21 September 2016
20Nandanamநந்தனம் Blue Line 25 May 2018
21Nanganallur Roadநங்கநல்லூர் சாலை Blue Line 21 September 2016
22Nehru Parkநேரு பூங்கா Green Line 14 May 2017
23New Washermanpetபுது வண்ணரப்பேட்டை Blue Line 14 February 2021
24Pachaiyappa’s Collegeபச்சையப்பன் கல்லூரி Green Line 14 May 2017
25Puratchi Thalaivar Dr. M.G. Ramachandran Central†¤புரட்சித் தலைவர் டாக்டர் எம்.ஜி. இராமச்சந்திரன் சென்ட்ரல் Blue Line
Green Line
10 February 2019
25 May 2018
26Puratchi Thalaivi Dr. J. Jayalalithaa CMBTபுரட்சித் தலைவி டாக்டர் ஜெ. ஜெயலலிதா புறநகர் பேருந்து நிலையம் Green Line 29 June 2015
27Saidapetசைதாப்பேட்டை Blue Line 25 May 2018
28Shenoy Nagarசெனாய் நகர் Green Line 14 May 2017
29Sir Theagaraya Collegeசர் தியாகரயா கல்லூரி Blue Line 14 February 2021
30St. Thomas Mount††பரங்கிமலை Green Line 14 October 2016
31Teynampetதேனாம்பேட்டை Blue Line 25 May 2018
32Thirumangalamதிருமங்கலம் Green Line 14 May 2017
33Tiruvottriyurதிருவொற்றியூர் Blue Line 14 February 2021
34Tiruvottriyur Theradiதிருவொற்றியூர் தேரடி Blue Line U/C
35Thousand Lightsஆயிரம் விளக்கு Blue Line 10 February 2019
36Tollgateசுங்கச்சாவடி Blue Line 14 February 2021
37Tondiarpetதண்டையார்பேட்டை Blue Line 14 February 2021
38Vadapalaniவடபழனி Green Line 29 June 2015
39Washermanpet†*வண்ணாரப்பேட்டை Blue Line 10 February 2019
40Wimco Nagarவிம்கோ நகர் Blue Line 14 February 2021

Network Expansion:

CMRL has been consistently working on expanding its metro network to reach more areas within Chennai. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, the Chennai Metro system had two operational lines: the Blue Line and the Green Line, covering a total distance of over 45 kilometers and connecting key areas of the city, including Chennai Airport, Central Railway Station, and several important commercial and residential hubs.

However, it’s essential to note that CMRL’s network has likely expanded further since then, with new lines and extensions to serve even more neighborhoods in Chennai. The government and CMRL have been proactive in planning and executing these expansions to meet the growing transportation demands of the city.

Benefits of CMRL:

  1. Reduced Traffic Congestion: Chennai’s roads have historically been congested, leading to long commute times and increased pollution levels. The introduction of the metro system has helped alleviate these issues by providing an efficient alternative mode of transportation.
  2. Environmental Benefits: The use of public transportation, such as the metro, helps reduce the carbon footprint of the city by decreasing the number of vehicles on the road. This contributes to improved air quality and a healthier environment for Chennai’s residents.
  3. Economic Growth: The metro system has boosted economic activity by improving connectivity to commercial areas, attracting businesses, and enhancing the accessibility of markets and employment centers.
  4. Safe and Comfortable Travel: CMRL offers safe, comfortable, and reliable transportation options for residents and tourists alike. It has become a preferred mode of travel for many due to its speed and convenience.
  5. Accessibility and Inclusivity: CMRL stations are designed to be accessible to all, including individuals with disabilities, making it an inclusive mode of transportation

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