DMRC PayScale Salary Allowance Pay Matrix After 7th Pay Commission 2024

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DMRC: DMRC is a part of the government with its headquarters in New Delhi. The company is thought to provide travellers with cutting-edge Metro rail services. In addition to this, the corporation is providing upgraded railroad services and projects to be executed in other significant cities across the nation.

Currently, it is providing assistance with railway projects in Kochi and Jaipur. Another state-owned facility is DMRC, which is a joint venture between the governments of Delhi and India. In 1995, the business was founded as a joint venture between the two governments. DMRC started offering commuters its Metro rail services in New Delhi in full force at the beginning of 2002.

Pay Scale of DMRC Employees: For various roles and titles, there are several pay scales. Unskilled labourers receive a base salary of Rs. 6000 per month under the DMRC system. The managing director of DMRC receives a salary of Rs. 1,25,000 per month, making him or her the highest paid employee in the company. Between unskilled labourers and managing directors, there are many different titles. Below is a list of several employees’ pay scales.

DMRC Benefits for Employee

  • Dearness Allowances: In accordance with the most recent pay commission, each month in addition to their wage, DMRC personnel receive DA equal to 112% of their basic pay grade.
  • HRA: Employees who work for DMRC are given housing rent allowances. The HRA rate is not the same for everyone. The employee’s city and region of posting will determine this. The HRA % is chosen based on the locality.
  • Each employee stationed in a metro city across the country receives Class X or metro city allowances, which are 30% of the basic wage under DRMC. For the remaining cities and rural areas, the payments are 20% and 10%, respectively.
  • Other benefits and allowances for multiple people range from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 4000.

DMRC Pay Scale for All Employees 2024

SlNo.PostsPay Scale
1Managing DirectorRs. 80000/- to Rs. 125000/-
2DirectorRs. 75000/- to Rs. 100000/-
3Executive DirectorRs. 62000/- to Rs. 80000/-
4General ManagerRs. 51300/- to Rs. 73000/-
5Additional General ManagerRs. 43200/- to Rs. 66000/-
6Joint General ManagerRs. 36000/- to Rs. 62000/-
7Deputy General ManagerRs. 29100/- to Rs. 54500/-
8ManagerRs. 24900/- to Rs. 50500/-
9Assistant ManagerRs. 20600/- to Rs. 46500/-
10SSO/SSE/ CDMRs. 18500/- to Rs. 35600/-
11ASE/SE/SDEORs. 16000/- to Rs. 30700/-
12SPA/TA/Sr. Assistant/SDMRs. 14000/- to Rs. 26950/-
13Assistant/JDM/JE/DrvsRs. 13500/- to Rs. 25520/-
14Assistant/Steno/Drvs/JDMRs. 10170/- to Rs. 18500/-
15Skilled Drvs/JA/DEORs. 8000/- to Rs. 14140/-
16Semi SkilledRs. 6670/- to Rs. 11470/-
17UnskilledRs. 6090/- to Rs. 9300/-

DMRC Salary 2024 | Customer Relations Assistant

The Customer Relations Assistant salary breakdown for DMRC is shown below (CRA). The 7th CPC’s new compensation structure is given below. The wage scale is between Rs. 35,000 and Rs. 1,10,000.

Salary ComponentAmount
Pay ScaleINR 35,000 – 1,10,000 /-
Basic PayINR 35,000 /-
DA (28% on Basic Pay)INR 9,800 /-
HRA  (24% on Basic Pay)INR 8,400 /-
Other Allowance (31.5% of Basic Pay)INR 11,025 /-
Total Gross SalaryINR 64,225 /-

From this gross salary of Rs. 64,225/- there are some deductions like PF, Professional Tax, etc. which amounts to Rs.7,500/- approximately. So the net in-hand salary of DMRC CRA stands at Rs. 56,725/- roughly.

DMRC Salary 2024 | Junior Engineer

The DMRC Junior Engineer (JE) wage slip, which is in accordance with the 7th CPC, is provided below. The Junior Engineer (JE) salary breakdown at DMRC is described in full. The DMRC JE salary ranges from Rs. 37,000 to Rs. 155,000.

Salary ComponentAmount
Basic PayINR 37,000 /-
DA (28% on Basic Pay)INR 10,360 /-
HRA (24% on Basic Pay)INR 8,880 /-
Other Allowance (31.5% of Basic Pay)INR 11,655 /-
Total Gross SalaryINR 67,895 /-

There are some deductions like EPF (12% of Basic Pay + IDA), Lease Recovery Rs. 200/-, Income Tax (depends on income and savings), Staff Welfare Rs. 55/-, etc.

DMRC Salary 2024 | Station Controller/ Train Operator

The station’s operations are overseen by the Station Controller (SO). He keeps an eye on everything going on in the metro station. The locomotive’s flawless operation is the responsibility of the Train Operator (TO).

The starting salary of SC/TO is Rs. 37,000 which comes in the pay scale of Rs. 37,000 – 1,15,000. The salary break-up of DMRC SC/TO is as follows:

DMRC SC/TO Salary ComponentsAmount
Basic SalaryINR 37,000/-
DA (24% of Basic Salary)INR 10,360 /-
HRA (24% of Basic Salary)INR 8,880/-
Perks (31.50%)INR 11,655/-
Gross Salary without Night Duty or km-running AllowanceINR 67,895 /-

Other than these DMRC SC/TO gets a night allowance of Rs. 1800/- per month depending on the number of night duties in a month. DMRC TO get some extra allowance called km-running allowance which is approximately Rs. 6,000/- per month depending on the number of kilometres he operates the train.

Other than these, there are some deductions viz., EPF, State Welfare Fund, Tax on Gross Salary, etc.

DMRC Salary 2023 | ITI Posts (Maintainer, Fitter, and Mechanic)

The basic pay scale for DMRC ITI positions like maintainer, fitter, electronic mechanic, etc. is Rs. 25,000/- per month; however, if other advantages and incentives are taken into account, the total compensation will be approximately Rs. 45,875/- per month.

DMRC Maintainer/ Fitter/ Mechanic Salary ComponentsAmount
Basic SalaryINR 25,000/-
DA (28% of Basic Salary)INR 7,000/-
HRA (24% of Basic Salary)INR 6,000/-
Perks (31.5% of Basic Salary)INR 7,875/-
Gross SalaryINR 45,875/-

There are deductions at the rate of 12% of Basic Salary and DA which includes EPF, Taxes, and others. So the in-hand salary of DMRC Maintainer, Fitter, or Mechanic is approximately Rs. 40,000 /-.

DMRC Salary 2023 | Assistant Manager Job Profile and Salary

The salary structure of DMRC Assistant Manager (AM) of different departments is given below. The pay scale is according to the 7th Central Pay Commission.

DMRC AM Regular Executive Posts

DMRC Assistant Managers salaries for Executive Posts on a Regular basis are as follows:

Post NamePay Scale
Assistant Manager – ElectricalINR 50,000-1,60,000/-
Assistant Manager – S&TINR 50,000-1,60,000/-
Assistant Manager – CivilINR 50,000-1,60,000/-
Assistant Manager – OperationINR 50,000-1,60,000/-
Assistant Manager – ArchitectINR 50,000-1,60,000/-
Assistant Manager – TrafficINR 50,000-1,60,000/-
Assistant Manager – StoresINR 50,000-1,60,000/-
Assistant Manager – FinanceINR 50,000-1,60,000/-
Assistant Manager – LegalINR 50,000-1,60,000/-

DMRC Salary for Assistant Managers (AM) Contractual (2 years) Executive Post

DMRC also conducts recruitment on a two-year contractual basis. DMRC Assistant Managers salary for Executive Posts on Two-year Contractual basis is as follows:

Post NamePay Scale
Assistant Manager – ElectricalINR 50,000-1,60,000/-
Assistant Manager – S&TINR 50,000-1,60,000/-
Assistant Manager – ITINR 50,000-1,60,000/-
Assistant Manager – FinanceINR 50,000-1,60,000/-
Assistant Manager – CivilINR 50,000-1,60,000/-

DMRC AM Contractual (2 years) Non-Executive Post

Following are the DMRC Assistant Managers salary structure for Non-Executive Posts on Two-year Contractual basis:

Post NamePay Scale
Jr. Engineer/Electrical37,000-1,15,000/-
Jr. Engineer/Electronics37,000-1,15,000/-
Jr. Engineer/Civil37,000-1,15,000/-
Assistant Programmer37,000-1,15,000/-
Architect Assistant37,000-1,15,000/-

Additional perks for Employees

  • Additionally, more than 20% of DNRC personnel are provided with free housing.
  • Additionally, DMRC offers its employees free access to medical services and treatments at a variety of institutions in the private sector, including Fortis and Max.
  • Additionally, it is a given that DMRC personnel can benefit from paid sick leave benefits and travel discounts.
  • Along with a reimbursement for the capacity to recharge mobile phones, DMRC also pays for the employee’s disability and life insurance coverage.
  • Along with full coverage for employee provident funds, DMRC employees also have access to a paternity leave option.
  • Additionally, DMRC employees are eligible for all post-retirement benefits, including gratuity funds.

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