Chennai MTC Bus Timings, Departure times, arrival timings ect

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Chennai MTC Bus Timings, Departure times, arrival timings ect

TN MTC Bus Timing Finder | mtc bus routes Chennai

MTC: Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC) is a government-owned public transport corporation in Tamil Nadu, India. It was established in 1972 and is responsible for providing bus services within the Chennai metropolitan area.

MTC operates a fleet of buses that includes both AC and non-AC buses and offers a range of services such as express, deluxe, and ultra-deluxe buses. The corporation also operates special services during festivals and other occasions to cater to the increased demand.


One of the key objectives of MTC is to provide safe, affordable, and reliable public transport to the citizens of Chennai. The corporation has taken several steps to improve the quality of its services, including the introduction of modern buses with better amenities, the installation of GPS and other tracking systems, and the implementation of a smart card system for ticketing and fare collection.

MTC is also committed to promoting sustainability and reducing its environmental impact. The corporation has introduced several measures to achieve this, such as using biodiesel and CNG in its buses, installing solar panels at bus depots, and the promotion of cycling as a mode of transportation.

MTC operates several depots and terminals across Chennai and provides employment opportunities to thousands of people in the region. The corporation also offers training and development programs for its employees to ensure they are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to provide high-quality services to passengers.

Overall, Metropolitan Transport Corporation plays a vital role in providing essential public transport services to the citizens of Chennai and is committed to continuously improving its services and operations to meet the evolving needs of its customers.


Here is the link you can find the MTC Chennai bus routes and timings up to date.

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TN MTC Chennai bus Fare list:

There are several bus types available in MTC Chennai regions named

MTC Ordinary Bus Fare List

image 1

MTC Express Bus Fare List

image 2

MTC Delux Bus Fare List

image 3

MTC AC Bus Fare List

image 4

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