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Gujarat Government Public Holiday List 2023

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The Government of Gujarat Public Holiday List 2023

Holidays play a major role in balancing Human life. Everyone needs holidays to relax and feel stress-free from all work. It becomes part of everyone’s lives. Public holidays are given to celebrate cultural, Nationalistic, and religious festivals. In some Instant, Local holidays are also given to celebrate local festivals.

The state of Gujarat was formed in 1960. Gandhinagar, the capital city of Gujarat is located close to the commercial capital Amdavad (Ahmedabad). The Government of Gujarat announced Public holidays and Optional holidays for 2023. Generally, Second and Fourth Saturdays and Sundays are holidays given by the Government of Gujarat. 

Gujarat Government 2023 -Public Holiday List

check Below Gujarat Government Public Holiday List 2023

SI. NoName of General HolidaysDateDays
1.Republic Day26th January 2023Thursday
2.Maha Shivratri (Maha vad-14)18th February 2023Saturday
3.Holi 2nd Day – Dhuleti8th March 2023Wednesday
4.Chetichand22nd March 2023Wednesday
5.Shree Ram Navami30th March 2023Thursday
6.Mahavir Jamna Kalyanak04th April, 2023Tuesday
7.Good Friday07th April 2023Friday
8.Dr.Baba Saheb Ambedkar’s Birthday14th April 2023Friday
9.Bakri-Eid-(Eid-Ul-Adha)29th June 2023Thursday
10.Muharram (Ashoora)29th July 2023Saturday
11.Independence Day15th August 2023Tuesday
12.Parsi New Year’s Day- Pateti (Parsi Shahenshahi)16th August 2023Wednesday
13.Raksha Bandhan30th August 2023Wednesday
14.Janmashtami (Shravan Vad-8)07th September 2023Thursday
15.Samvatsari (Chaturthi Paksha)19th September 2023Tuesday
16.Eid – e – Meeladunnabi – (Prophet Mohammad’s Birthday) (bara vafat)28th September 2023Thursday
17.Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday2nd October 2023Monday
18.Dusshera (Vijaya Dashmi) (Aaso sud-10)24th October 2023Tuesday
19.Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel’s Birthday31st October 2023Monday
20.Vikram Samvant New Year’s Day14th November 2023Tuesday
21.Bhai Bij15th November 2023Wednesday
22.Guru Nanak’s Birthday27th November 2023Monday
23.Christmas25th December 2023Monday

Gujarat Government Holidays 2023 – Optional Holiday List

Check Below Gujarat Government optional holidays List 2023

SI. No.Name of the Optional HolidaysDateDays
1.Vishvakarma Jayanti (Maha Sud-13)03rd February 2023Friday
2.Birthday of Dhani Matang Dev08th February 2023Wednesday
3Holi07th March 2023Tuesday
4.Shab – e – Barat (Muslim Shiya & Sunni)08th March 2023Wednesday
5.Jamshed Navroz ( Parsi Shahenshahi & Parsi Kadmi)21st March 2023Tuesday
6.Gudi Padvo (Chaitra Sud-1)22nd March 2023Wednesday
7.Hatkeshvar Jayanti05th April 2023Wednesday
8.Hanuman Jayanti (Chaitra Sud-15)06th April 2023Thursday
9.Pesah (1st Day) (Yahudi)06th April 2023Thursday
10.Shahadat – e – Hazarat Ali (Muslim Shiya)13rd April 2023Thursday
11.Shree Adhya Jagadguru Shankaracharya Jayanti (Vaishakh Sud-5)25th APRIL, 2023Tuesday
12.Budhha Purnima (Vaishakh Sud-15)05th May 2023Friday
13.Zarthost – no – Disho (Parsi Shahenshahi)23rd May 2023Tuesday
14.Guru Arjundev’s Martyrdom day23rd May 2023Tuesday
15.Shavuoth (Yahudi)26th May, 2023Friday
16.Ratha yatra (Ashadhi bij) (Ashadh Sud-2)20th June 2023Tuesday
17.Gatha Gahamber (Gatha-lll) (Parsi Kadmi)14th July 2023Friday
18.Parsi New Year Day (Parsi Kadmi)17th July 2023Monday
19.Tisha – be-  aav (Yahudi) As Yahudi Experts28th July 2023Friday
20.9th Muharram (Muslim Shiya & Sunni)28th July 2023Friday
21.International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples09th August 2023Wednesday
22.Parsi New Year’s Day Eve (Gatha-V) (Parsi Shahenshahi)15th August 2023Tuesday
23.Khordad Sal (Parsi Shahenshahi)21st August 2023Monday
24.Onam29th August 2023Tuesday
25.Nand Utsav (Shravan Vad-9)08th September 2023Friday
26.Shravan Vad -12 (Paryusan 1st Day) (Chaturthi Paksha)12th September 2023Tuesday
27.Shravan Vad – 13 (Paryusan 1st Day) (Panchami Paksha)13th September 2023Wednesday
28.Shahadat – e – Imam Hasan (Muslim Shiya)14th September 2023Thursday
29.(1) Mahavir Swami Janma Vachan (Chaturthi Paksha)16th September 2023Saturday
(2) Rosh Hashanah (1st Day) (New Year) (Yahudi)16th September 2023Saturday
30.Ganesh Chaturthi (Bhadarva Sud-4)19th September 2023Tuesday
31.Samvatsari (Panchami Paksha)20th September 2023Wednesday
32.Yom Kippur (Yahudi)25th September 2023Monday
33.Succoth (Yahudi)30th September 2023Saturday
34.Id – e – Maulud (Muslim Shiya)03rd October, 2023Tuesday
35.Dhan Terash ( Aaso Vad-12)10th November 2023Friday
36.Kartak Sud-15 (Dev-Diwali)27th November 2023Monday
37.Shrimad Bhagwad Gita Jayanti22nd December 2023Friday
38.Boxing Day (The next Day to Christmas)26th December 2023Tuesday

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