Tamil Nadu RTO Code List – Vehicle Registration Code

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Tamil Nadu Regional Transport Office Code List – TN RTO vehicle details

TN RTO Code: Regional transport office Tamil Nadu, working in various places. Here, You can get the details of the TN RTO code, Address and contact details. Under the motor vehicles act 1988, Tamil Nadu RTO was formed.

Tamil Nadu RTO region belongs to these codes: TN 01, TN 02, TN 03, TN 04, TN 05, TN 06, TN 07, TN 09, TN 10, TN 11, TN 12, TN 13, TN 14, TN 15, TN 15M , TN 16, TN 18, TN 19, TN 20, TN 21, TN 22, TN 23, TN 24, TN 25, TN 28, TN 29, TN 30, TN 31, TN 32, TN 33, TN 34, TN 36, TN 37, TN 38, TN 39, TN 40, TN 41, TN 42, TN 43, TN 45, TN 46, TN 47, TN 48, TN 49, TN 50, TN 51, TN 52, TN 54, TN 55, TN 56, TN 57, TN 58, TN 59, TN 60, TN 61, TN 63, TN 64, TN 65, TN 66, TN 67, TN 68 , TN 69, TN 70, TN 72, TN 73, TN 74, TN 75, TN 76, TN 77, TN 78, TN 79, TN 81, TN 82, TN 83, TN 83M, TN 84, TN 85, TN 86, TN 87, TN 88, TN 90, TN 91, TN 92, TN 93, TN 94, TN 95 , TN 96, TN 97, TN 99,

Tamil Nadu (TN) RTO Office Location and Code List

RTO StateTamil Nadu
Tamil Nadu RTO CodeTN
No of RTO Offices89
Official Website
Timings9 Am to 5 Pm
HolidayTN RTO Holiday List 2024

Here, listed Tamil Nadu Regional Transport Office Location and Code numbers are given below.

RTO code of Tamil Nadu State | TN rto starting number today

RTO CODE Location Pin code Details
TN 01 RTOCHENNAI CENTRAL RTO Office600023Check Now
TN 02 RTOChennai North West RTO Office600102Check Now
TN 03 RTOChennai North East RTO Office600081Check Now
TN 04 RTOChennai East RTO Office600012Check Now
TN 05 RTOChennai North RTO Office600012Check Now
TN 06 RTOChennai South East RTO Office600028Check Now
TN 07 RTOChennai South RTO Office600041Check Now
TN 09 RTOChennai West RTO Office600 078Check Now
TN 10 RTOCHENNAI (SOUTH-WEST) RTO Office600092Check Now
TN 11 RTOTAMBARAM RTO Office600045Check Now
TN 12 RTOPARUTHIPATTU RTO Office600071Check Now
TN 13 RTOAMBATTUR RTO Office600053Check Now
TN 15 RTOUlundurpet RTO Office606107Check Now
TN 15M RTOKalakurichi RTO Office606202Check Now
TN 16 RTOTindivanam ENF wing RTO Office604102Check Now
TN 18 RTO REDHILLS RTO Office600067Check Now
TN 19 RTOCHENGALPET RTO Office 603001Check Now
TN 20 RTOTHIRUVALLUR RTO Office602001Check Now
TN 21 RTOKANCHEEPURAM RTO Office631552Check Now
TN 22 RTOMEENAMBAKKAM RTO Office 600015Check Now
TN 23 RTOVellore RTO Office632009Check Now
TN 24 RTOKRISHNAGIRI RTO Office635115Check Now
TN 25 RTOTiruvannamalai RTO Office606604Check Now
TN 28 RTONAMAKKAL (NORTH) RTO Office 637003Check Now
TN 29 RTODHARMAPURI RTO Office636705Check Now
TN 30 RTOSALEM(WEST) RTO Office 636005Check Now
TN 31 RTO Cuddalore RTO Office607 004Check Now
TN 32 RTOViluppuram RTO Office605 602Check Now
TN 33 RTOERODE EAST RTO Office638002Check Now
TN 34 RTOTiruchengode RTO Office637214Check Now
TN 36 RTOGOBI RTO Office638476Check Now
TN 37 RTOCOIMBATORE (SOUTH) RTO Office 641004Check Now
TN 39 RTOTirupur North RTO Office641603Check Now
TN 40 RTOMETTUPALAYAM RTO Office641301Check Now
TN 41 RTOPOLLACHI RTO Office 642001Check Now
TN 42 RTOTirupur South RTO Office641605Check Now
TN 43 RTOOOTY RTO Office 643001Check Now
TN 45 RTOTRICHY WEST RTO Office620009Check Now
TN 46 RTOPERAMBALUR RTO Office621212Check Now
TN 47 RTOKARUR RTO Office639007Check Now
TN 48 RTOSRIRANGAM RTO Office 620005Check Now
TN 49 RTOThanjavur RTO Office613403Check Now
TN 50 RTOTiruvarur RTO Office614004Check Now
TN 51 RTO Nagapattinam RTO Office611001Check Now
TN 52 RTOSANKAGIRI RTO Office637301Check Now
TN 54 RTOSALEM(EAST) RTO Office636140Check Now
TN 55 RTOPudukkottai RTO Office622001Check Now
TN 56 RTO PERUNDURAI RTO Office 638052Check Now
TN 57 RTO Dindigul RTO Office624 001Check Now
TN 58 RTOMadurai(South) RTO Office625 016Check Now
TN 59 RTOMadurai (North) RTO Office625007Check Now
TN 60 RTOTheni RTO Office625531Check Now
TN 61 RTOARIYALUR RTO Office 621707Check Now
TN 63 RTO SIVAGANGAI RTO Office630561Check Now
TN 64 RTOMadurai (Central) RTO Office 625 020Check Now
TN 67 RTOVIRUDHUNAGAR RTO Office626002Check Now
TN 68 RTOKumbakonam RTO Office612703Check Now
TN 69 RTOTUTICORIN RTO Office628101Check Now
TN 70 RTO HOSUR RTO Office635110Check Now
TN 72 RTOTIRUNELVELI RTO Office 627007Check Now
TN 73 RTORanipet RTO Office632404Check Now
TN 74 RTONAGERCOIL RTO Office 629167Check Now
TN 75 RTOMARTHANDAM RTO Office629167Check Now
TN 76 RTOTENKASI RTO Office627803Check Now
TN 77 RTOATTUR RTO Office636102Check Now
TN 78 RTODHARAPURAM RTO Office638656Check Now
TN 79 RTOSANKARANKOVIL RTO Office627756Check Now
TN 81 RTOTRICHY(EAST) RTO Office620002.Check Now
TN 82 RTOMayiladuthurai RTO Office609001Check Now
TN 83 RTOVaniyambadi RTO Office635751Check Now
TN 83M RTOTirupattur RTO Office635061Check Now
TN 85 RTOKundrathur RTO Office600122Check Now
TN 86 RTOERODE WEST RTO Office638004Check Now
TN 87 RTOSRIPERUMBUDUR RTO Office602105Check Now
TN 88 RTONAMAKKAL SOUTH RTO Office637001Check Now
TN 90 RTOSALEM(SOUTH) RTO Office636010Check Now
TN 91 RTO Chidhambram RTO Office608001Check Now
TN 92 RTOTHIRUCHENDUR RTO Office628215Check Now
TN 93 RTOMETTUR RTO Office636403Check Now
TN 94 RTO Palani RTO Office624 601Check Now
TN 95 RTO SIVAKASI RTO Office626110Check Now
TN 96 RTOKOVILPATTI RTO Office628501Check Now
TN 97 RTOARANI RTO Office632316Check Now
TN 99 RTOCOIMBATORE (WEST) RTO Office641042Check Now

Tamil Nadu (TN) RTO Contact Details – Timings

You can contact the Tamil Nadu RTO office by the above-given contact details and RTO office timings mentioned. The Tamil Nadu RTO Office will function up to 9 Am to 5 Pm

To Renew Registration Certificate in Tamil Nadu

For the RC renewal process. It has to be applied before 60 days of its termination, along with;

  • Form 25
  • MV tax
  • Vehicle registration certificate
  • PUC certificate
  • Certificate of insurance of the vehicle

To Get Duplicate RC in Tamil Nadu 

Vehicle owners can apply for the issuance of a duplicate copy of their vehicle’s registration certificate. proofs need to provide are;

  • A copy of the applicant’s PAN card
  • FIR copy
  • Certificate of insurance of the vehicle
  • Form 26
  • PUC certificate
  • Police Clearance Challan or PCC

To Change the Address in the Existing Registration Certificate in Tamil Nadu

Proofs needed to submission at RTO, which include;

  • Certificate of insurance of the vehicle
  • Vehicle registration certificate
  • PUC certificate
  • A NOC to be obtained from the financier for loan-bought vehicles
  • Proof of address
  • Form 33
  • Proper tax paperwork

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