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Nagaland Government Public Holiday List 2023

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The Government of Nagaland Public Holiday List 2023

Holidays play a major role in balancing Human life. Everyone needs holidays to relax and feel stress-free from all work. It becomes part of everyone’s lives. Public holidays are given to celebrate cultural, Nationalistic, and religious festivals. In some Instant, Local holidays are also given to celebrate local festivals.

The state of Nagaland was formed in 1972. When the State of Nagaland Act was passed in 1962, Nagaland eventually became a state. The Government of Nagaland announced Public holidays and Optional holidays for 2023. Generally, Second and Fourth Saturdays and Sundays are holidays given by the Government of Nagaland.

Nagaland Government 2023 -Public Holiday List

check Below Nagaland Government Public Holiday List 2023

SI. No.Festival(s)DateDays
1New Year’s Day01-01-2023Sunday
2Republic Day26-01-2023Thursday
4Good Friday07-04-2023Friday
5Id – ul – Fitr22-04-2023Saturday
6Id – ul – Zuha (Bakrid)29-06-2023Thursday
7Independence Day15-08-2023Tuesday
8Janmashtami (Vaishnva)07-09-2023Thursday
9Milad – un – Nabi or Id – e – Milad (Birthday of Prophet Mohammad)28-09-2023Thursday
10Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday02-10-2023Monday
11Dussehra (Durga Puja)23-10-2023 and 24-10-2023Monday – Tuesday
12Diwali (Deepavali)12-11-2023Sunday
13Guru Nanak’s Birthday27-11-2023Monday
14State Inauguration Day01-12-2023Friday
15Christmas23-12-2023 to 31-12-2023Saturday – Sunday

Nagaland Government Holidays 2023 – Optional Holiday List

Check Below Nagaland Government optional holidays List 2023

SL No.Name of the FestivalDateDay
1Thuni (Chakhesang)05-01-2023Thursday
3Poang Lum (Chang)13-01-2023Friday
4Sokronye (Chakhesang)15-01-2023Sunday
5Tsungkamneo (Yimkhiung)16-01-2023Monday
6Mimkut (Kuki)17-01-2023Tuesday
7Kuhlang – Nyi (Tikhir)18-01-2023Wednesday
8Khaozaosie – Hok – Ah (Khiamniungan)20-01-2023Friday
9Tsahyok – Nyi (Women only) (Tikhir)23-01-2023Monday
10Basant Panchami / Sri Panchami26-01-2023Thursday
11Bishu (Kachari)27-01-2023Friday
13Sekrenyi (Angami)25-02-2023Saturday
14Mileinyi (Zeliang)11-03-2023Saturday
15Tsohsu (Sangtam)12-03-2023Sunday
16Kundaglun (Chang)01-04-2023Saturday
17Aoleang (Konyak)01-04-2023 and 02-04-2023Saturday – Sunday
18Phom Monyu01-04-2023 and 02-04-2023Saturday – Sunday
19Halong Monglashi03-04-2023Monday
20Manipur New Year’s Day13-04-2023Thursday
21Vaisakhadi (Bengal) / Bahag Bihu (Assam)04-04-2023Saturday
22Wangtsunuo (Yimkhiung)16-04-2023Sunday
23Pochury Commemoration Day21-04-2023Friday
24Tsukhenie (Chakhesang)24-04-2023Monday
25Moatsu (Ao)02-05-2023Tuesday
27Buddha Purnima05-05-2023Friday
28Phom Day06-06-2023Tuesday
29Tuluni (Sumi)08-07-2023Saturday
31Naknyulum (Chang)31-07-2023Monday
32Tsungremmong (Ao)01-08-2023 and 02-08-2023Tuesday – Wednesday
33Biam (Khiamniungan)07-08-2023Monday
34Metemneo (Yimkhiung)08-08-2023Tuesday
35Patriot’s Day (Manipur)13-08-2023Sunday
36Hunapongpi (Sangtam)18-08-2023Friday
37Onam Or Thiru Onam Day (Kerala)29-08-2023Tuesday
38Mongmong (Sangtam)03-09-2023Sunday
39Black Day (Pochury)06-09-2023Wednesday
40Lao – Ong Mo (Konyak)28-09-2023Thursday
41Tsokum (Khiamniungan)05-10-2023Thursday
42Yemshe (Pochury)05-10-2023Thursday
43Tsonglak – Nyi (Tikhir)09-10-2023Monday
44Dussehra (Mahashtami)22-10-2023Sunday
45Chaga Gadi (Liangmai)30-10-2023 and 31-10-2023Monday – Tuesday
46Langsimnyi (Zeliang)31-10-2023Wednesday
47Chavang Kut (Kuki)01-11-2023Wednesday
48Apikimti (Sumi)04-11-2023 and 05-11-2023Saturday – Sunday
49Ningol Chakoba (Manipur)05-11-2023Sunday
50Tokhu Emong (Lotha)06-11-2023 and 07-11-2023Monday – Tuesday
51Ahuna (Sumi)14-11-2023 and 15-11-2023Tuesday – Wednesday
52Bhai Duj15-11-2023Wednesday
53Wangala (Garo)21-11-2023 Tuesday
54Guru Teg Bahadur’s Martyrdom Day24-11-2023Friday
55Ngada (Rengma)27-11-2023 and 28-11-2023Monday – Tuesday
56Terhuni (Angami)09-12-2023Saturday

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